David Atkinson
Brunnenweg 6b
36160 Dipperz


       All clocks are individually made. Which gives you the opportunity to choose how it should look. You may want a different kind of wood, or maybe the hands should be different, the choice is yours.


       John Harrison, one of the greatest clockmakers, made his first clock in 1713 almost entirely from wood, which is still running today. Wood has been used for clocks since the very beginning of mechanical clock making.
       For the cogs, I use aviation grade birch ply which has 2 plies per mm e.g. the 5 mm cogs have a total of 10 plies! This makes the mechanism impervious to humidity and assures extreme longevity. The clock frames are made of solid wood, and I only take the best and well seasoned.


       All mechanical clocks are influenced by climate changes. One of the major factors that effect the accuracy of a wooden clock are changes in humidity, causing the pendulum to lengthen or shorten.
       But even with extreme humidity changes it should not make more than a minute or two difference a day. Normally a well adjusted clock with a fairly constant climate will be accurate to within a minute over the space of a week.
       As I am fond in saying, my clocks are absolutely accurate, the climate however not!


      As opposed to metal clocks, wooden clocks need no oiling whatsoever and because the cogs run dry dust cannot stick to the clockwork and can simply be blown away, which is rarely necessary. The arbors run in precision closed ball bearings which require absolutely no maintenance.
      So basically the only thing you have to do is wind.


       Shipping varies immensely between clocks and countries , but I will quote you the total shipping price when you decide upon a clock. The free standing clocks I send disassembled, but I also supply detailed assembly instructions and a step by step video, the only tools required are a spirit level and an allen key (supplied).
      Whether wall or free standing it is no problem to get the clock up and running.